A Rocket from Joppa

01 Jan

A Rocket from Joppa

Well 2009 has arrived and the sun is blazing in through the study window.  Looking great for a walk out there but unfortunately I’m cooking New Years Day Dinner.  It’s been the story of the past couple of weeks…I’ve managed to miss all the good weather due to family commitments etc but the weather’s looking promising for the next few days so it looks like the first walk of 2009 is imminent.

We saw the New Year in on the banks of the Forth east of Edinburgh with what turned out to be the Joppa Yachting branch of Hamas who took great delight in launching big rockets in the general direction of occupied Fife.  While the skies above the Lothian shores were ablaze with cascades of multicoloured sparkles the Fife side stayed dourly dark with only the occasional desultory squib visible across the water.  I suppose if you had the PM as an MP then you might feel little cause for celebration.  Blame for the current economic climate had been obviously apportioned by the south side of the river who continued to launch salvo after salvo northwards into the Kircaldy area.

Our artillery specialist resplendent in white opera scarf and fedora capered gleefully around the launch site.  Lighting touch paper and retiring immediately never crossed his mind as every safety rule was expertly ignored.  Every time he moved to light a firework, as one the increasingly anxious company behind took yet another step backwards.  Having lit one he would light another immediately beside the first his scarf dangling inches from the hissing fuse and his a**e only inches from total combustion.  One wrong move by his digestive system would have seen Fife suffer its first ever assault by a manned suicide rocket.   But it was a great way to see in the New Year!  Our thanks to Frank & Sue and Ron & Carrie for the invite to a great party.

All the best for 2009


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