Dealing with Ice and Snow

04 Jan

4 Jan 09

I’ve spent the past day or so eagerly devouring photos of people enjoying themselves on mountain tops in the ice and snow whilst myself and the Fatdog have been condemned to the flatlands of Central Scotland.  Only one thing to do…buy some spiky ironwork for the boots.

A few presses of the keyboard and I’ve ordered a pair of Grivel Spiders.  This will give a bit of grip up icy tracks and easy paths.   I think of this as an insurance policy as I don’t expect to use them.  Why did I buy them then?  Simple…once I have them in my possession those spiteful demons that are the weather gods will ensure that the snow and ice currently covering the hills will disappear altogether thus myself and the Fatdog will have unhindered access onto the mountains without the irritation of all that cold white stuff!

Altogether a sensible investment.

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Posted by on January 4, 2009 in General Drivel


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