2 weeks and still going!

13 Jan

The blog is now a veritably ancient 2 weeks old and is still running (loud cheers from the assembled masses).

The number of hits, though erratic, has been increasing steadily since it started, but the stats don’t appear to tell me either how many individuals are accessing the site or who they are.  The Fatdog has locked herself in the next room with the other computer so I have my suspicions on that score.  On that depressing note I now realise that no one may be actually reading this message.

Thankfully the big panic of the first few days is over.  On accessing the blog from my work computer I discovered that photographs were randomly scattered across the page as opposed to being stacked neatly in their galleries.  Not an auspicious start to my life as a blogger.  A series of hastily complied emails were sent out to a number of my contacts at asking if they would test run the site.  There was also the grim possibility that they would come up with a whole dose of other faults I had yet to discover.  Not being a computer genius I found this prospect a trifle worrying.  Things were a bit tense until the feedback came in.

Good news – it seems that it is only my work computer (so far) which has taken a dislike to the blog.  I suspect this is a shrewd move by my employer.  On the other hand it may reduce the need for disciplinary action.

My thanks to all those who took the time to test run the blog and respond to my request for assistance.  It was greatly appreciated.

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Posted by on January 13, 2009 in General Drivel


One response to “2 weeks and still going!

  1. craggyirene

    January 13, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    Hi Ken

    I am really enjoying your ramblings…….keep it up!


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