Tryst Brewery

07 Mar

Surprise, surprise after 24 years living in Larbert/Stenhousemuir I discover a few weeks ago that we have a brewery…less than 500m from the house!  Tryst Brewery has been on the go since 20004  and produces a number of cask and bottle conditioned ales.

The range of bottled conditioned beers.  The one without the label is the Carronade IPA.  Just can't beat it...buying beer from the local brewery with no label

The range of bottled conditioned beers. The one without the label is the Carronade IPA. Just can't beat it...buying beer from the local brewery with no label

I have to admit that there was a distinct sense of satisfaction as I left the office this Friday evening announcing my intention to head home…via the brewery.  The Fatdog’s walk would have to wait.

J and I tried to find it last Saturday to no avail.  Lurking behind the local fire station the building I assumed to contain the brewery displayed no advertising signs.  In fact there was nothing to indicate what went on in this non-descript single storey industrial unit.

Earlier today a quick phone call cleared up the matter of the lack of “Here We Are!” signs.  They were lurking…deliberately lurking.

I spent a most enjoyable 15 minutes being given a quick rundown on the various beers and left clutching a large box for an eagerly anticipated tasting session.  The Fatdog’s walk was looking like a distant dream…

I have tasted the Blathan and the Carronade IPA and both were superb.  Lots of taste and not oversweet.  I’m looking forward to sampling the others and will report my findings at a later date.


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4 responses to “Tryst Brewery

  1. scott

    March 8, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    “Inaugural Combined Scottish Outdoor Blogger’s Meet and Beer Festival Proves To Be Dangerous Idea…Larbert-based Organisers Vow Not To Allow Dugs Into Venue Next Year…Chaos On Railways Following Event…”


  2. fatdogwalks

    March 8, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    Not a bad idea at all Scott 😀 …though I think we are a pretty far flung community. I particularly like the idea of the ensuing total anarchy. Fancy a meet up?…and who else is within travelling distance? I’m going to post it up on and see if any of those guys want to come along.

  3. scott

    March 9, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    It could actually work. I see it’s open for a full 11 hours on the Saturday though. That might be a wee bit of a marathon.


    But aye, I’d be up for it – ideally for a few hours on the Saturday afternoon, but I saw your ScottishHills post and I’ll go with the flow.

  4. fatdogwalks

    March 9, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    It’ll be good to meet up Scott 😀 . Don’t worry I can always make a second visit 😆 . As it’s away from the major cities I’m not sure what the response will be from SHills, although there are a few of the members from around these parts. I’ll post it up on the outdoorbloggers as well but as most of the guys live in England I doubt if they’ll be interested.


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