The Rodent goes to Culross

28 Mar

This one is a wee bit behind schedule but is the prelude (in a roughly connected sort of  way) to “Catch a Falling Star and…”

Sunday 15 March was a case of will I, won’t I? …and in the end I didn’t.

I had intended to do a bit of hillwalking but instead J and I picked up The Rodent from our daughter, strapped her in the back of the car with The Fatdog and the four of us headed out for a bit of geocaching at Culross.

An unusual, if indistinct, group photograph

An unusual, if indistinct, group photograph

The Rodent occupies the unlikely position of Trainee Fatdog which some would consider, for a very small terrier, to be ludicrous in the extreme.  However the 6 month old pup watches and learns.  When the Fatdog sits, The Rodent sits and when the Fatdog lies down The Rodent lies down.   The Fatdog pretends The Rodent doesn’t exist.

The walk from Culross (east) car park followed a track beside the railway then followed the sea wall around a stubby peninsula.   There are man made lagoons close by but these ponds are not visible from the coastal track, being hidden behind huge grassed bunds and protected by a security fence of which the MOD would be proud.

The Rodent has yet to learn the fundamental function of the lead.

The Rodent has yet to understand the fundamental function of the lead.

Views stretched both up and down the Forth most noticeably to Longannet Power Station and Grangemouth upstream and the Forth Bridges downstream.

Upstream to Longannet

Upstream to Longannet

Down stream to the Forth Bridges

Down stream to the Forth Bridges

Very soon The Rodent had to be put back on the lead.  A naturally curious creature she had taken to charging up to the low sea wall and jumping up to put her front paws on the top.  Envisaging the perfect arc of an ocean bound terrier I started rehearsing my speech to my dog-bereaved daughter.  J spoiled the whole thing by grabbing the wee beast and roping her up.

By this time the Fatdog had acquired a stick.  It was the sort of stick that was 95% splinters which meant it had to be disposed of.  As soon as FD dropped it I snatched it up and launched it over the sea wall.  There was a heart-stopping moment where my mind watched the Fatdog sail over the wall after her prize…then my brain snapped back to reality.  The Fatdog…jump?  Never going to happen.  Maisie did look exceedingly offended however and strutted off in the huff with the hog-tied Rodent in tow.

This area of land once produced salt and the remains of the old buildings still remain, now as well fenced off from the accident prone public as the neighbouring lagoons.  I’m sure there was only a little fence when we came here a few years ago.  The place now resembles a secure facility for suspected terrorists.

One of the local secure facilities

One of the local "secure facilities"

The cache was in a more exposed position than I would have liked.  I’m not yet used to approaching a cache site in a manner which would give the impression that I should be there.  I’m more of a furtive skulker…but I do it well!

J kept watch as I hauled out the wee tub.  I was just packing up when a hissed warning told me that I was in danger of being seen.  Unbelievers were approaching from both directions.  I hurriedly stuffed the cache back into its hidey hole…and threw the ball for the dog.  Quick thinking huh!

The Fatdog, The Rodent and The Star

The Fatdog, The Rodent and The Star

The Star had a message - Noooo....Not Fairies and Angels...!!!

The Star had a message - "Noooo....Not Fairies and Angels...!!!"

We strolled back to the car complete with 2 trackable items, a geocoin and a little pink star.   These we would have to pass on to other caches…but that would be for another day.

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

The Rodent heads off to the Land of Nod...cuddling the Fatdogs paw.

The Rodent heads off to the Land of Nod...cuddling the Fatdog's paw.

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