01 Jun

Yesterday was a big day for our resident blackbird family. Sheltered in a mixture of Clematis and Ivy blanketing the back fence they had built a nest tucked well out of sight in the dense greenery. For the past week we have noticed a frantic coming and going as the two adults flew in and out with a constant stream of worms. But yesterday there was something afoot in the thick undergrowth.

After much rustling and twitching of leaves a youngster popped out, fluttering its immature wings, lurching wildly from twig to twig. Not being content with branching…

it moved on to fencing…

and finally tried it’s hand at roofing…

A stressed parent finally tracked it down for a quick feed before it completed its erratic traverse of our neighbour’s garage roof. A quick shimmy up the valley and it crested the apex ridge before finally disappearing out of sight.

An hour or so later another, less gallus, chick took the more conventional nest exit route and shuffled amongst the border undergrowth before we lost track of her.

I wonder if there’s more to come?

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Posted by on June 1, 2009 in General Drivel


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