Fitness Update No.2

11 Aug

The circuit class went as well as could be expected…I didn’t die.  Neither did I need hospitalisation nor the attendance of the mobile emergency unit.  I think we could classify that as an unqualified success.  That was last Tuesday.

By Thursday I’d noticed twinges in both knees and by Saturday the right knee was in revolt especially when it came to the descent of Sgor Gaoith.  However having completed 14km and 1000m of ascent I wasn’t about to complain overmuch.  The back did a bit of squealing but struggled to be heard above the noise of the revolting knee.

Tonight it was back to the circuit class which I thought went reasonably well, having managed to protect the knee from any jars or undue stress.  In fact it went so well I’m going to the “spin” class tomorrow night to play on the bikes…as long as the knee holds up.

The weight is falling off and stood this morning at 12-10, so I’ve lost about half a stone in the past couple of weeks.  Only another stone and a half to go!

It’s now a race against time.  Will I gain supreme fitness and rocket up a hill before all my joints and muscles finally pack in under all the strain of the unaccustomed exercise?

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Posted by on August 11, 2009 in General Drivel


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