Autumn Road Trip Diary – Part One

17 Oct

torr 1000

Sunday 11 October – “After Midnight”

The midnight bell tolled ominously when “The Bleating Sheep” lurched through the front door, swayed erratically and with the unfocussed smile of the truly intoxicated slid elegantly down the full length of the doorframe into a small heap on the hall floor.  J and I looked at each other and sighed.  It would appear that Cinderella had gone to the ball on a stomach devoid of anything other than a couple of painkillers for a sore throat and had then consumed four glasses of Old Abner’s Gut-Rot Moonshine, inexpertly disguised as red wine of dubious provenance, followed by a pipsqueak strength Bacardi Breezer.  This potentially lethal concoction had festered over the space of the evening then exploded with the expansionist determination of your average nuclear reaction.  Thankfully we were only dealing with fallout, but all hope of a relaxed start to our trip to the northwest had disappeared as fast as the contents (or lack of) of “The Bleating Sheep’s” stomach.

We were only half packed at this point and now we had the “legless” one to deal with.  It was about 3am when I eventually got to sleep…

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