A Big Thank You from the Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation

19 Nov

A big Thank You to all those who responded to my post “I’m Doing a Survey in the Area”, your responses were greatly appreciated as were all your comments.  A big thank you as well to those who continue to read anonymously – I’ll find you out eventually. 😆

The exercise threw up a few surprises as I discovered quite a few people out there I had no idea were visiting the blog which was heartening indeed!

I’m pleased to say the blog is on the up in terms of readership (big round of applause to you all) so I hope I can keep coming up with enough ideas that will keep you reading.  The next few months will be a bit challenging in the writing department as FD and I tend to stick to lower ground through the winter (I have no intentions of carrying a 35kg Lab through 1m deep snowdrifts), with our access to the high ground very much dependent upon freeze/thaw cycles.

In the coming months I hope to write a few articles which might engender a bit of discussion although that might come back to bite me on the bum.  Where there are many blogs debating the pros and cons of outdoor gear there are not so many prepared to tackle some of the thornier issues which generally result in flame wars on the forums.  But you’re all grown ups and I know you will behave impeccably.  That notwithstanding I am a firm believer in censorship so all will go swimmingly well 😀

Thanks again.


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Posted by on November 19, 2009 in General Drivel


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