Lateral Thinking and an Ice Axe

05 Jan

2010 is here…and I can’t be a***d going anywhere.

Most unusually, here on the edge of the Grangemouth petrochem microclimate, we’ve had snow lying for over a fortnight and the weathermen say January is going to stay cold.  My normal bad weather fallback would be a spot of geocaching but with a few inches of diamond hard packed snow covering paths and untreated roads not to mention overnight temperatures down to -10C, I reckon that’s a bit of a non-starter.  The thought did cross my mind however that I might be a bit naughty and send emails to a number of cache owners saying I intended to visit their snowbound caches the following day and were their wee plastic boxes in a position that would not be damaged…by an ice-axe!  Given, in the past, my varied experiences with geocachers, I thought this wee wheeze might just brighten up the start of the new decade!

One particular geocache I’ve been trying to find has become a real pain in the neck.  I’ve been to the location 3 times now and I still can’t find it.  It’s at a spot where my GPS refuses to settle.  The Fatdog and I went a couple of days ago hoping to follow tracks in the snow right to the spot (yes I’m that devious) but all we found were tracks doing exactly what we had done on our previous visits…they were going round and round and round and round…

I thought I might be able to triangulate by leaving the GPS on the ground for a few minutes, check the bearing and then move to another spot and do the same, but the needle wouldn’t point consistently at one location no matter what I tried.   It’s covering about a 10m radius and with a clue like “at base of tree”, in a feckin’ forest, a 10m radius is not particularly helpful.  Maybe I should send the owner the “ice axe” email then nip out the next day and hide nearby.

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