Days of Snow…and Dreams of Orange Sauce

09 Jan

Bright sunshine was missing when I opened the curtains this morning which was a pity, as it was the only thing that might have convinced me to head anywhere near the great outdoors.  I was prepared however to make a small concession and head for the lesser outdoors where I would never be more than 10 minutes from the “Tank”.

Having opened the curtains about an hour later than I should have done had the household in a panic as I was taking both J and The Cupcake Queen up to Falkirk High Station to catch the 10.30am 11.00 am train.

There was a mad rush out the door with The Fatdog being flung into the back of the “Tank” so that, once the ladies were deposited at the train station, we could have a gentle stroll around Callendar Park in Falkirk.  Sod the mountains.

Here’s a link for a bit of background to the “House”…

FD was in her element demanding that her ball be thrown.  Given her normal state of lassitude I found this uncharacteristic enthusiasm disturbing.  Again and again she thundered across the snow covered parkland…at least I didn’t have to do much by way of walking.

The Fatdog begins her warm up exercises in the glorious parkland in front of Callendar House

Callendar House - front facade

I did attempt one steep-ish rise onto Antonine’s Wall which on reflection was a mistake.  I’d obviously picked the spot that kids of various ages had been using as a slide (Note: must remember to wear my glasses when out walking).   The last 10m were…memorable.  The Fatdogs inbuilt crampons saw her effortlessly scooting up and down the same slope to retrieve her ball…smart-assed creature!

What can I say...

Maisie eventually ran out of steam and we wandered around the frozen loch to see what its inhabitants were up to.

I think they are Greylag geese...anybody know for sure?

A "gallous" blackbird

We attract a bit of interest from the lochs inhabitants who seem to be confined to a tiny puddle of non-frozen water.

Looks like - mallard ducks, a tufted duck?, and a coot. This is the best I can do while using my giant sized DK book of "The Eejit's Guide to Burdz"

The Fatdog could not quite get the unexplained thought of Orange Sauce out of her head

We had just reached the back of the “House” when the snow came on.  It was very pleasant wandering through the old trees but I reckoned it was time for us to head back to the “Tank”.

The Fatdog was already thumbing through Delia Smith…under D.

Dog/snow/tree...what more is there to say?

The back of Callendar House...I watched Slade playing here circa 1972. There was a whole host of great unwashed skinheads around the stage looking like a BNP rally - a large semi-circular gap of some 20m behind them and then everybody else. No change then.

Back at the car the snow is showing a bit of it's time for us to go.


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2 responses to “Days of Snow…and Dreams of Orange Sauce

  1. annienz

    January 10, 2010 at 3:03 am

    Beaut pictures! I think it’s great how you and Maisie can make even a short walk into a little adventure for us to read about.
    Those ducks must have been desperate for food if they were hurrying toward you while FD was around….


  2. fatdogwalks

    January 10, 2010 at 9:52 am

    It’s difficult to fail with photos in this snow. Even walks we would normally consider mundane are brought to life when the white stuff comes down.

    Only a tiny area of the little loch was free of ice so all the waterbirds were crammed into one wee area. I expect food will be on the short side for them. The temperature seems up a degree on so today so maybe we’re at the start of a slow thaw.

    Current (it changes a lot) forcast for next 5 days is a max of 3 during the day and a min -2 at night…so it is getting warmer!


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