The Wester Ross Scribbles – “Walking Funny”!

01 May

When we set off for the far north-west I was anticipating walks of semi-epic proportions alternating with lazy book reading days of p*****g down rain.  It just didn’t work out that way.  Who ever heard of a holiday week in Wester Ross with zero rain!  You just can’t plan for that sort of thing.  As a result of this freakish spell of most un-Scottish weather we found ourselves somewhat knackered by Tuesday.  On the Sunday we walked from Gairloch Beach to the harbour at Charlestown and from there to the Flowerdale waterfalls.  This was followed by, on Monday, an 12km walk beside the River Ewe to Kernsary and back.

After the second walk, a somewhat dull affair with low cloud sweeping over from the coast, J had a niggle in her back and my bum muscles were giving me grief.  I had also discovered that I “walk funny” courtesy of the Cupcake Queen who had been watching my peculiar gait on Sunday as we walked up the track up to the Flowerdale falls.  There you go…after 55 years I finally discover that I “walk funny”.  It would appear that my left foot turns inward when I walk, quite dramatically inward it would appear.  And I’ve never noticed!  The recent photo from MrP clearly demonstrates the problem.

Anybody notice the problem?

At least this explains why I have so much trouble getting up and down hills…and why my bum muscles hurt.  I digress…back to Wester Ross.

Sunday 11th April

Gairloch to Flowerdale was a superb walk of ever changing scenery.  Beach – headland – harbour – river walk – woodland – waterfalls – pub.  The last was most welcome on a day when temperatures reached 17 degrees.  The outside tables at the Old Inn were busy with disbelieving souls lounging in the sunshine, not quite able to believe their luck.  This was to be the warmest day of the trip and, on its own, worth the journey up from Central Scotland.

Gairloch Beach

On the An Ard Headland

Charlestown Harbour

We even had ice creams from the wee shop at Charlestown harbour where I considered finding out if Murphy’s sea diving was up to the same standard as his sea swimming.  The oafish hound had barged awkwardly between my legs…as I stood, camera in hand, on the precipitous edge of the harbour wall.

A Heron in the reeds near Flowerdale House

Through the woods near the falls - An Groban, the hill to the left

An Groban with the falls below

The "wildlife"

My first beetle of the year.

The Cupcake Queen found her first geocache near the Flowerdale Falls as the two of us rummaged under dead tree stumps in our quest for the wee plastic box.

The Fatdogs cool down before a trip to the pub...just out of shot (right)

Remember - Beach - An Ard - Charlestown - Flowerdale

Monday 12th April

Monday’s walk to Kernsary suffered by comparison.  We were now minus The Cupcake Queen, BiL and Murphy who had set off at Lunchtime for southern climes.  While the sun was still shining south of Torridon, at Poolewe it was cloudy and the trek from the village out to the estate cottage at Kernsary felt a chore.  The further we walked the lower the cloud sank, the sky only one small step away from rain.  The highlight of the walk was discovering a pair of pigs, who thundered determinedly towards us as we approached…only to see we were not the bringers of food.  The Fatdog stood and mocked the trotters from the safety of the opposite side of a low electric fence.  Disgusted at the absence of pig like sustenance they promptly ignored us, preferring to root around in the tree roots with big snuffling snouts.

On the private estate road to Inveran - let's hope the drivers are less visually impaired than the road alignment.

It's a sad day when the highlight of the walk is two pigs!

Loch Kernsary - grey skies - grey views (sigh)

Bog...this was the point just past Kernsary when we decided the circular walk was to be one of the "there and back" variety

...just to emphasise greyness and dullness!

Almost back at Poolewe

Poolewe to Kernsary - follow the track on the east side of the river

I reckon had the sun been shining it would have been a fairly pleasant amble but under Monday’s heavy sky it was an easily forgettable experience.  The cloud lifted as we neared Poolewe and by the time we reached the car the sky to the north and west had cleared…but my bum muscles and J’s back were complaining like mad!


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2 responses to “The Wester Ross Scribbles – “Walking Funny”!

  1. annienz

    May 5, 2010 at 2:36 am

    The Cupcake Queen looks like she’s feeling quite clever about having found a geocache?
    Did she ever try out that Jo Seagar cupcake recipe that you found on one of my links? Let’s have a review of that, if she did.

  2. fatdogwalks

    May 5, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    I had forgotten to ask her about that Annie – thanks for reminding me! 😀 I was looking forward to seeing how that recipe panned out.

    She enjoyed the hunt…The Cupcake Queen is ultra-competitive – does fitness training about 3 times a week and has a gym in a large shed at home!


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