Dead n Gone – Part 1

13 May

Once upon a time James, John and Hercules lived together in a wee white house on the shores of the big blue sea.  James was a widower as was his father John, but Hercules was a bachelor of long standing.  Then one sad day John died, followed by James a short eight months later.  Hercules was left all alone…so he went and got himself a woman!

…Now, I wasn’t expecting that!

I’m burning the midnight oil for yet another evening.  J thinks I’ve become a recluse.  On the desk scattered copies of old handwritten documents are held down by an increasing collection of assorted mugs, each with the unconsumed remnants of various drinks.  My eyes are strained wide open and unblinking as I pour over screen after screen of data.  My head is beginning to hurt but I have to read on…

My grandfather on my mother’s side was named George Anderson.  It would appear to have been a family name as the “earliest” Anderson ancestor I have been able to trace was also called George.  I don’t know much about this early George other than his name and that he was married to a woman (good start) named Mary Falconer.  I don’t know when or where he was born nor where he lived.  I don’t even know when he died.  I do know he married a mere 9 years after the Battle of Culloden so I’m guessing that, with a name like George, he was not likely to have been a supporter of Bonnie Prince Charlie!

Wow…already we’re back in the mid 1700’s!

But that’s not where our “Tail” starts.  We’ll need to move forward to 1841, at least that’s what the census extract on the monitor tells me.  I’ve managed to track down my great, great, great, great granddaddy John Anderson (and two of his sons) to a croft just to the south of the fishing village of Gourdon on Scotland’s east coast.  There’s conflicting information as to his occupation which is a bit frustrating.  He has been referred to a crofter, a grain agent and a grain merchant.  Hmm…could that mean he was simply a tenant farmer or something a bit more upwardly mobile?  Conversely was he just bumming up his status for the benefit of posterity?

I also discover that his home was called Whitehouse…maybe we could…

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