Fitness Report No 5

02 Jun



Sorry…got a bit carried away there.

It’s been a long while since the last fitness report, probably August or September of last year.  I thought it time for an update.

Well… on Sunday my return to hillwalking after a 2 month lay-off approximated to hell on earth, but even that was exceeded by my purgatorial return to the circuit class.  Last night I sunk to an all time low as my legs declining ability to respond was in inverse proportion to the increasing level of ache spreading through my “gluts”, hamstrings and calves.  By the end of the fitness session I could barely lift my legs.

I waddled out to the car.  In fact I’m still waddling today.  But am I down hearted?   Not a bit of it!  😀

This is going to be a longer haul than last year, but with near constant application of stretching exercises for my back and legs I hope I’ll be able to at least reduce the problem to manageable.  As much as it bores me to tears I’ll have to get back onto the spin bike; that seemed to help last time.

As a consequence of the uncertainty vis a vis my ability to stagger up mountains the blog will therefore continue to be as erratic as ever, with the subject content as confused as I am.  Will I ever achieve consistency of thought and output…Hell No!  😯

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