Why Nathan Outlaw Doesn’t Have a Michelin Star – but should!

15 Jul

Give it back you miserable sods!


Through the wall on my right hand side the steady rush of water roars through the plumbing to the big round shower head.  Over to my left, just outside the tall casement window, there is the steady roar of a southwesterly battering through the trees with its accompaniment of shot-blasted rain.  It’s dull, dismal and Cornwall on a bleak Thursday evening.  It’s also the end of our summer vacation.

It’s maybe a fitting end to this year’s trip which hasn’t been one of our best.  The weather had a lot to do with that with our plans having to constantly change to suit the petulant vagaries of Atlantic lows. 

We did get some decent sunshine this morning before the monsoon hit.  This is looking out from Fowey.

Nathan Outlaw, Cornwall’s now Michelin star-less chef, produced the goodies last night when we visited his restaurant in Rock.  Tipped by Michelin for 2 stars last year he is now minus his twinkle-twinkle, I assume because of relocating the restaurant from Fowey to Rock.  Somehow I don’t think it will be long before he gets it back. 

Mainly a fish based meal, we munched our way through small portions of Lemon Sole, John Dory and Black Bream, before moving on to Pigeon and 2 desserts.  This is a very simplistic summary of dishes which individually comprised several beautifully balanced components.  Even the menu (link below) only tells a fraction of the story.  Each dish was better than the next culminating in a choccy mousse to die for.

I bumped into Nathan on my way to the Gents, near literally.  He’s a big lad and occupies a fair bit of the corridor space.  Earlier I had noticed him glaring over “the pass” as the kitchen door swung open.  At that point he was a good 3m into the room and he still appeared to dwarf the doorway.

Totally unprompted he chatted  enthusiastically to J and I for some 15 minutes on his restaurant, food and The Great British Menu, which was surprising for a chef just off shift.   

Mind you as Nathan loomed large in front of me I kept thinking…

“If he asks me a question I maybe should answer…”




Anyway, it’s time for the Fatdog Broadcasting Corporation to pack up and relocate back to sunny Central Scotland.  I’ll “see” you all in a couple of days.


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3 responses to “Why Nathan Outlaw Doesn’t Have a Michelin Star – but should!

  1. Linda

    July 16, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    Nice of him to take time out for a chat. At least he is clearly running the restaurant – unlike Mr Stein! 😀

    Shame about the weather. Usually it’s scorching in the South West of England at this time of year. Having said that, two years ago my husband and I went to Devon for a week of camping. So much for the English Riviera, it rained all week!

  2. fatdogwalks

    July 19, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    We had a great few days last year Linda … so I shouldn’t complain 😀 .

    He’s a nice lad is Nathan…he really wanted to stop and chat and once he got going it was interesting stuff. If he’s not cooking the restaurant shuts…so everyone is off at the same time eg when he was doing “The Great British Menu”.


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