Tweeters on Twitter

14 Sep

I joined.

I tweeted

I “followed”.

I made a mistake.

I made several mistakes actually, but I’m sure I’ll live with the impending consequences.

As usual it all started exceedingly well.  I met up with some old friends and now wait in eager anticipation of more brief instalments from them on my ‘puter screen.  Also, being able to write to both twitter and facebook at the same time allowed me to coordinate corresponding updates to the blog.  It was a most happy state of affairs.

I then expanded my range and clicked a few “follows”.

“Oh dear!”

This is the point where, inevitably, I started to offend people.

I don’t know whether he “followed” me first and I “followed” him out of general courtesy…or was it vice-versa: I can’t remember, but my twitter stack suddenly filled up with a deluge of tweets which were to me of little interest.  I inspected his blog more closely and realised, most regrettably, that his tweets were not for me.

I clicked the “unfollow” button and, by some strange coincidence, he must have been reading my blog and thought “What utter crap!” (difficult to argue with) and pressed his “unfollow” button a few hours after.

Then I looked at the output of some of the other zealous tweeters to whom I had subscribed and thought…” they’re going to have to go next!”

So, to all those who I am about to stop “following”…my apologies.  There’s just too much information there for my poor wee head to cope with.

I am a “bear of little brain” and need to take in information in small doses.  Others less charitable would just say I’m becoming senile.

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