Never on a Sunday…or a Monday for that matter! (Part soddin’ 10)

24 Nov

In the interests of everyone’s sanity I’ve decided not to stretch out our final 2 days of the Hebrides trip with prolonged text.

These are the (very) edited highlights from Wednesday.

Wednesday 13 October

Balranald Nature Reserve

J and the Fatdog head across the machar to the dunes and the beach at Balranald.

Beach at Balranald

On the shore




Now there was a disappointment.  We chose badly.  Not knowing anything about this particular island we drove off the causeway from North Uist, turned right for the airport and found ourselves in what appeared to be a run down version of Cumbernauld.  Whatever branch of the armed forces has its mitts on this part of the island has turned it into a concrete wasteland.   It was a shock…this was the sort of place we thought we’d left behind a few hundred miles ago on the mainland.

We decided not to explore further but to head across the next causeway to South Uist.  We were in island bagging mode.



South Uist

It was now 2pm and the usual problem had arisen…nowhere open for food.  “Mary’s Café”, the only eatery we’d seen for a couple of hours was closed.  We persevered and eventually discovered a tearoom at a Hebridean Jewellery shop.

I hadn’t really done my homework on Benbecula and South Uist so rather than potter about somewhat aimlessly we opted to head back up the road to North Uist and go for a walk near the hotel visiting both the burial chamber and the famous stone circle.



Barpa Langass Cairn and Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle

I should have looked at the map first.

I just assumed the stone circle would have been near the burial chamber near the top of the hill, so I parked at the parking area for the burial chamber just off the main road.  I could have parked at our hotel (Langass Lodge) some 500m down the nastily potholed  track, but thought this was the easier option.

We reached the burial chamber but there was no sign of the stone circle.

No...a lorry didn't tip a load of stone...this is the burial cairn!

A faint track headed east towards a white trig point on a nearby rise.  J was becoming suspicious as FD and I set off across the moorland…this was beginning to look like hillwalking.  Even from this relatively low rise the character of the water dominated terrain of North Uist became apparent.

J and The Fatdog head across the moorland. J has a suspicion that she's been conned into hillwalking!

The lochs and lochans of Harris

Eabhal (the hill)

We were almost back at Langass Lodge when we found the stone circle.  It could actually be seen from out hotel bedroom window!

At last we find the stone circle...

...time for a game of hide and seek!

Langass Lodge

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