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05 Dec

December 5 2010

It’s been a clear blue-sky day here in snowy Larbert.  I didn’t go walking this weekend other than the mandatory strolls with The Fatdog into the fields beyond our ever expanding housing estate.  Serious exercise was a 3 hour shift clearing the snow and the underlying ice from the driveway.  Cooked a couple of chickens and managed to eat at least part of one before The Fatdog became interested.  Other people in the street were out clearing their drives.  Maybe we should have cleared the street as well.

Now…let’s face it ladies and gentlemen that wasn’t exactly the most exciting of blog entries…was it?  It was just a list of everyday occurrences in our small part of the world.  Sometimes, however, even the most basic list can furnish an insight into a far flung community, where everyday lives are just that wee bit different from our own…



December 5 1962

Mr. John Kay went across to see his trap and he’s lucky.  He caught 4 minks and four martens.  At least he’s doing fine.  On December 14 he went to his trap but he still gone.

Welcome to the world of Old Crow as told by Edith Josie.

I first read Edith’s articles in the Whitehorse Star.  It was a big event in our house when the post brought copies of this newspaper all the way from my Uncle George in Canada.  At that time he was working as a mining surveyor in a Yukon gold mine.    Reading that paper took us to a world much different from the dreary foundries and coal bings of Central Scotland: in the Yukon they had bears that wandered the streets raiding the “garbage”.  But the highlight of our copy of the Whitehorse Star was another episode of “Here are the News”; more stories of everyday life from remote Old Crow.  This was the first “post” (that I know of) and just the beginning.  As time went on the “posts” would become longer and more detailed.

The Old Crow of the 1960’s was a small settlement inhabited by the Vunta Kutchin tribe of the Loucheaux Indians, sitting 120 miles south of the Arctic Circle in the Yukon province of Canada.  Edith, not an English native speaker, brought the village’s everyday life to the outside world in her own remarkable style.  Her years of writing related the change of life of the people as the influence of the modern outside world was felt, even there in the northern Yukon.  Sadly Edith passed away earlier this year but she left a wonderful legacy.  I’m lucky to have a copy of the first book, a compendium of articles from the first few years.

I was flicking through the book checking the December entries to include a more lengthy piece when this particular entry caught my eye.

December 3 (1963)

Albert Abel came into town with three minks and Roy Moses got five minks.  They really did very nice trap.  Some of them they still gone to trap line.  I hear some of the boys never get any in their trap.

The people in Old Crow they just stay along the Porcupine River and they don’t know much about the States.  And we never expect news for Mr. President get killed and on Nov. 22 we hear news.  Sure bad news.  But I hope he will have a good rest and peaceful home.  Hope everybody give prayer for his wife and also his kids to be happy and God will be with them.

As I know everyone mist him in all over Canada and also around the States because he did very nice work for the people.  And may we remember him in good many years even though he pass away cause he was kindly and helpful to the people.

They had social club for the ski and Miss Youngs and also Father Mouchet they make show for the people and the slide and also the raffle ticket.

One of the RCMP win the first and second is Mr. Peter Charlie.  They also had coffee and sure they did nice job for the skiers.  From now on they will have social club meeting and meet together every Tuesday at 7 p.m.

“Here are the News” became a worldwide phenomenon.  On the anniversary of her first entry I’m glad to be able to bring the work of my first blogging heroine back into the public domain.  I’ll leave you with the first page of the book.

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