“Simply must be sinus dear boy…”

16 Jan

No Tinto.

No hill walk.

Today was not the best of days.

All I could hear most of last night was the gurgling of the road gullies outside the house as hour upon hour of rain battered down accompanied by the wailing and howling of the wind.  Not a good omen for a walk the next day.

The reason I could hear the rain battering down most of last night – was that I was awake for most of last night.

The reason I was awake for most of last night was tooth ache, which the dentist assures me (without having seen the feckin’ thing) is sinus pain carried over from my bout of flu.  As soon as I mentioned flu that was it…

“Simply must be sinus dear boy…just take lots and lots of paracetamol.”

“No problem, how many milligrams, how often and for how long?”

I should have mentioned that this conversation was actually being carried out through a receptionist intermediary…and I’m still waiting for the reply.

I moved onto Sinutab.

Thankfully most of the time there is very little by way of pain.  Main problems are impact, eating…and sleeping!

So…after I got to sleep about 7am, waking up at 9am, I really didn’t feel like heading off to Tinto as planned.  The Fatdog and I went for a wander down the wee back roads on the carse land to the north of our housing estate.

The arrows show the direction of the photos. I'll let you guess which ones are which

Here’s one for Florene:

Somewhere on that hillside is Torwood Castle.  I can usually see it when it’s sunny and there’s a bit of contrast but today it’s dull and grey, so things are a bit fuzzy.  Zoom in…there it is!

A bit grainy but definitely Torwood Castle.  The old broch sits on top of the rise but can’t be seen from here.

The view just to the left of where I’m standing isn’t quite so pleasant…

We ended further down Hamilton Road towards Bogend.

This is typical of the low-lying carseland along the Forth valley.  Once this would have been part of a wide estuary with the water level much higher than now.  Below the road lie the carse clays and silts, the leftovers from that geological period…and a real sod to build on.

You will have noticed it’s very low lying and therefore, quite logically, liable to flooding.  Maybe I should have thought of that, given I was listening to all that rain coming down for most of last night!

We were in luck, only one part of the road was actually flooded all the way across.

It was about now that The Fatdog threw a wobbly.

Having successfully passed the flooded section at the railway bridge she ground to a halt and dug in.  She then tried to head back the way we had just come.  I’m afraid I had to put the foot down and tug her along…twice.  I wish I knew what was causes her anxiety, but it keeps happening – sadly more and more often.

The Fatdog agreed to carry on but by now the tail was down and never really recovered for the rest of the walk back along the busy A9 to the house.  At least she doesn’t seem to mind the traffic noise.   I’ll give her a couple of chances hillwalking as she’s always been happy doing that but it may be her hill walking days are numbered if she’s not enjoying it any more.  Only time will tell.  😦


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4 responses to ““Simply must be sinus dear boy…”

  1. Florene

    January 16, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    I’m really touched that you thought of me….. thank you so much!

    As sad as it is to realize, we must adapt to slowing down, and sometimes aging issues get us beyond just slowing down. Our pets advance at a faster rate. We fight it, they seem to accept it, reluctantly I’m sure. We’ve rescued many kitty cats over the past 25 years, and have had the pleasure of their company, until old age, illness and the final departure came. We both love animals, and about 8 years ago we said, “No more!” That lasted about 3 years. We adopted two rescued litter mates who are now about 5 years old. We’d love to have a dog, but our lifestyle wouldn’t be fair to the needs of a dog.

    Life gets tedious. There’s a song by that title… doubt it ever reached the UK, but back in the 40s it was known by everyone over here.

  2. Tessa Park

    January 16, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    Did wonder if you had made it up Tinto – it’s a really nice hill with good views. Hope Maisie is OK.

  3. annienz

    January 17, 2011 at 4:07 am

    Bumma about the rain, the ‘sinus’ and poor Maisie not enjoying her walks.
    Is it that she is getting sore when she walks, or is it more a nervous thing? Are there any meds that could help her?
    I am so used to see photos of her full of the joy of life.


  4. fatdogwalks

    January 17, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Don’t panic ladies 😀 there are so serious physical problems with Maisie though thank you all for your concern. She is generally the happy soul that you see in the photos, though she manages to put on her normal Eeyore expresssion a lot of the time.

    Over the past couple of years she’s had an increasing anxiety at loud noises…and other things. We don’t know what the other things are, but we found on the Hebridean trip that she became anxious if one of us was missing. While we were away she wouldn’t go for a walk with me in the morning which is really unusual as it’s something she does every day at home. She’s fine on our normal walks near the house but anywhere else starts to head back to the car at the slightest sound or for other unknown reasons. Other than once a couple of years ago, when there was a lot of gunfire, she’s never tried to go back on a hillwalking trip and usually wags her tail most of the time she’s on the mountains. So I’m still hopeful. The next couple of trips will tell if I should be taking her into the hills for another year’s walking. She did well yesterday – we covered about 7.5km at a steady 5km/hr and showed no signs of stiffness afterwards 😀 .

    Florene: Life gets Tedious – I do remember hearing it a long time ago but goodness knows where 😆

    Tessa – gutted that we didn’t get to Tinto but with the winds that were still around I would have struggled. Between the kickover from the flu bug and the recent tummy bug (still going), what appears to have been sinusitis and the lack of sleep because of the last one – I would have been seriously underpowered (as I discovered on our walk yesterday 😆 ). A blessing in disguise really. 😀

    Annie – the vet reckoned if the stiffness problem in the front shoulders and the general overall stiffness manifested itself to a greater extent then there were arthritis drugs that would help. Just now she doesn’t seem to be at that stage. If we could just get some continuity of regular easy hillwalks then I reckon she’d loosen up.


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