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The Fara & Meall nan Eagan Gallery

As the “Tail” of last Saturday’s wee hike with MrP is still a few days away, here’s a taster of the scenery from just north of Drumochter.


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Let the “imperceptibly loaded dice” of the Weather Thieves roll…

The Weather Thieves have no allegiance to days of the week or particular mountain ranges.  Opportunists, they are watchers of charts, plotters of many possibilities, schemers and out and out…chancers!  But a few hours window is all that is needed to sneak a fair weather hill from under the noses of the capricious weather gods.  That said, filching a good day from them in ever changing February has to be the greatest challenge. We kicked their collective a***s last year, could we do it again?

Let the “imperceptibly loaded dice” of the Weather Thieves roll… Read the rest of this entry »


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An Iron and Bronze Day for The Fatdog

After a year or so of stop/start hillwalking I’ve started this year in determined mood.  We will make every effort to get out and about in the mountains…albeit probably smaller mountains.  Too many days have been missed through worry about legs/back/dog/weather/long drives…the list goes on.  This year’s planning has helped.

We have a new philosophy – Carpe diem.  This involves seizing any crappy diem as long as it’s not tipping it down…well…as long as there’s at least a chance of the summit being clear…ok…I’m prepared to go out if the sun isn’t shining.  But I’m definitely not going on a rain lashed day; The Fatdog objects to the smell of wet human. Read the rest of this entry »


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No Real Grunt on the Hill of the Pig

You realise you’ve made a mistake when it becomes obvious that what appeared to be a covering of frost is actually a covering of frost…and pockets of underlying ice. My problem was that it was damn near impossible to tell under which part of the frost layer the ice was actually lurking. I should have been more sensible…or less stupid, depending upon how you measure these things. The single track road across to Glen Lyon from Loch Tay via the Ben Lawers car park is not the finest at the best of times, but in winter it becomes a beast of unpredictable moods. From where I was sitting behind the wheel of The Tank its mood could at best be described as skittish. Read the rest of this entry »


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The School of not so hard Cnocs

The Map - Cnoc Coinnich in foreground.

Things had been going well before the snow arrived in early December.  My physio had suggested I adopt a more conservative approach to my walking which basically meant more gentle and relaxed hill days.

I took the hint. Read the rest of this entry »


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Do Whales Sing in the Forest?

I thought I might do some walking this weekend but late on Friday the snow arrived…and my bottle departed.  Never mind the fact I hate driving in it, I know my legs ain’t up to hauling myself up a mountain in snow especially when the bloody stuff is down to sea level.  I suspect walking posts may be thin on the ground for the next month or so if this narsty weather keeps up.  Even here there’s snow, in normally snow-free Larbert. Read the rest of this entry »


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Sgiath a Chaise

It’s a hill…before you ask…it’s most definitely a hill.  I know – I climbed up it.  I almost wished I hadn’t, but I did.  Situated a few miles north of Callander just west of the Corbett, Beinn Each, this Graham is easily accessed from Glen Ample.  In fact the energetic and less sane amongst us could combine the Graham and the Corbett in a day…with the benefit of hindsight I just wouldn’t bother with the Graham 🙄 . Read the rest of this entry »


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