Dim and Distant

A number of pieces of writing never made it as far as the blog.  Through time I hope to write these stories up and add them in.

Some of our travels predate the blog (and the hillwalking), some were unfinished and some were missed out entirely, no doubt for very good reasons at that time.  There was, for example, a pie munching trip to the Corbett of Beinn Each, an ultimately soggy trip to The Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in search of aqueducts and a month long trip to Canada for which a diary was kept…long before the Fatdog “Tails” began.

I suspect the last one may be a bit of an epic…assuming I can read our combined notes.

At the minute I’ve started by adding unpublished additions to “The Wester Ross Scribbles” and by bringing in some of the original material in “The Year is 2006”.

Sadly all these good intentions are governed by time.


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