The Year is 2006

The year is 2006 and this is the beginning.

No!  Not the beginning of all things you plonker…the beginning of the Fatdog “Tails” 🙄 .

I thought it was about time I transferred all the old stuff, bit by bit, into “Where the Fatdog Walks” so that the whole story runs from start to…to where we are just now.  The Fatdog Repository was always a stop gap and I think it would be better to read the whole story from the first attempt at writing.  Hopefully I will improve the photos (and maybe the grammar) as each is added.  Where possible I will re-size the photos and add a few more.

You’ll find a few of these “Tails” are not in The Fatdog Repository

The first post to be included here is our miserable non-event in the pissing down rain on Ben Venue.

I hope you enjoy our past…we certainly did! 😀


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